Custom Poetry

Do you have a special event coming up?  A wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, a graduation?  Why not make your occasion even more special by adding a customized spoken word performance to the event.  By interviewing all parties involved, the piece will be tailored to reflect your love, your milestone, or your accomplishment. The piece will infuse your past, present and future in a manner that is beautiful, funny, dramatic, and most of all reflective of the Creator’s purpose for your life.  My goal is to focus solely on the honoree and take that special moment to a destination that will create a moment that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.  Click here to see booking information and to begin the journey and join other satisfied clients.   Click here to go to the store to see the different packages offered for your special occasion.

Excerpt from a customized 25th Wedding Anniversary Poem:

“…Time marches on and courtship turns to prayers.
Prayers turn to communion, communion to union and that union to familiar knowings.
Cool he was, but his desire exponentially increased to longings.
The essence of his entire being longed to be next to her.
He talked with her about everything from favorite colors of fusia,
and turquoise to oceans of violet and blue
to picking out names of their new additions
that turned out to be four even before he knew her in the biblical sense.
And since we’re talking about knowing,
she imagined his black face glowing,
in blackened nights, in honeymoon suites,
sweet moon moaning,
the warmth of the moon glows,
no clothes, eyes open, and eyes closed,
sweat dripping, dripping sweat
as he met her at the apex of ecstasy
that had each of them reaching for items of invisibility
from the sheer intensity of intermingled flesh
unison contrived between each inspiration and expiration of breath.
As God Himself was unable to tell who was who
because they had now become one; and they sealed their fate of reality for the next 25 years…”

Sekou “The Poetic Worshiper” Calhoun