About the Artist

Snapshot 1 (8-19-2014 10-37 PM) - EditIt was the third Sunday of the month, the temperature had swelled beyond 100 degrees that summer evening in 2008 when “The Poetic Worshiper” was born.  Prior to that he did not know that God had even impregnated him with the gift of poetry.  Nervous, not knowing what the outcome would be he persevered and recited his first Christian poem entitled “Spit” at an event called Java with Jehovah hosted by New Covenant Christian Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas and since then God’s favor has been with him.  Sekou the person was originally born in Enterprise Alabama on January 12, 1969 and given the name Kenneth Bernard Calhoun.  In 1970, his mother moved to the Bronx, New York to escape an abusive husband.  Experiencing through the eyes of his oldest brothers and sisters, Kenneth saw a life filled with incest, drinking, fighting, drug dealing and addiction, murder and abuse.  It was at the age of 7 or 8 that he would be introduced into an incestuous lifestyle with his half sisters and half brother that went on until he was about 13 years old and in turn would give way to a sexual and pornographic addiction in him.  At the age of 12 his mother began going to church and introduced him to the church and when he walked through the doors of Faith Memorial B.C., in the Bronx, NY he felt something that he would not be able to describe until years later.  The sound of the organ, the beat of the drums, the harmony of the choir, the emotionally expressive congregants made him feel something other than the oppression he’d normally felt.  He would return every Sunday to experience those feelings again.

At the age of 16 while he laid at the foot of his mother’s bed one Sunday morning listening to a radio gospel program, he gave his life to Christ. After graduating high school and joining the military it would be a few years before he would find himself in church again and by that time sexual immorality and partying had gripped him.  However, that feeling he felt at age 12 kept pulling him and convicting him even while he was away from the church.    Returning to New York in early 2000 and taking residence in Harlem he was introduced to the spoken word scene and was smitten with the style, lyricism, Afrocentrism and the confidence the poet and poetess had displayed, he thought to himself, “I can do that.”

His first writings were often sexually driven, and occasionally politically and racially charged, but he never recited any of them until a couple of years later at a poetry contest in Harlem where he took first place.  It would be a year or so later that he would recite any of his poetry again since the material he had written had become embarrassing to him due to its sexual nature.  Little did he know that the embarrassment was the conviction of the Holy Spirit prompting him to be greater.  And so it was, in 2008 he accepted his call into the ministry and he has embraced his spoken word poetry gift.  Sekou continues to allow the Holy Spirit to develop the gift and the gift has since made room for itself.  Sekou now lives a life of freedom from sexual immorality and pornographic addiction through Jesus Christ.

Sekou “The Poetic Worshiper” is married to the wonderful author and teacher Nicole C. Calhoun and they have two wonderful children Sekou and Caleb and reside in the Mesquite, Texas area.  He holds a B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling from Liberty University.  Sekou uses poetry to express his willingness to be transparent.  He has been quoted as saying that, “It is in our transparency that others are set free.”   His poetry is a reflection of that transparency and it embodies a grittiness that has been called edgy and prophetic.  A lover of live music, he will often use musical accompaniment while ministering through spoken word poetry.